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Why Life Insurance

With human life being unpredictable, buying Life insurance for you and your family provides a backup against any eventuality like death, disability, health conditions, retirement etc. Depending on your ability to invest, Insurance policies provide you and your family with financial security over a period of time.

Life Insurance is required for every human life

In India, there is no plan to cover the life of general citizen or give compensation to their family in case of loss of life. LIC of India which was started with investment from Government of India in 1956, by an Act of Parliament doing the work of insuring, compensating life with its popular plans. Most of the people is confused LIC of India a company to compensate only on death. That is wrong. As per LIC’s statistics, death claims are very less and they settle very quickly provided documents are as per requirement. There are many reasons to choose Life Insurance from LIC of India.

LIC is the oldest and most trusted Indian state owned insurance group and Investment Company serving sincerely for more than 60 years. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The LIC of India is not only a reputed name in insurance sector. Rather it’s a brand, an emotion of security among the people since its official establishment on 1956. It was formed by the collaboration of over 245 insurance companies and provident societies.

Benefits of LIC Life Insurance :

  • It provides sufficient financial cover against death at an affordable rate.
  • LIC do not have backup of government; however government has the biggest backup of LIC.
  • Maximize mobilization of people‘s savings by applying savings cum insurance in an attractive manner.
  • Increases employment by hiring agents and employees for its promotion.
  • Act as a catalyst in empowering or accelerating the financial and social sectors of the country.
  • Creates a sense of satisfaction to the policyholders by acting as a supportive shield for various businesses, persons, entities, assets, etc. during hardship and potential losses.

And many more.

In LIC, there are plans to suit all needs of the people. Life Insurance plans like

are very popular among the people.  These plans affordable and not only give Life insurance cover but guaranteed returns also make these plan favorite among masses.

In short, last but not the least “LIC hai to fir kahi aur kyu jana. “

In my opinion, elaborating the full form should be “life is comfortable. “


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