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LIC Important Information

    Premium/ Proposal/ Policy details/ Policy Loan payments/ Interest payments beyond Rs. 50,000/= should be remitted only through Cheque/ Demand draft or any other banking channels only.

    Pay your premium : Please ensure timely payment of premium to avoid policy lapse

    Transfer of policy : We have provided you the option to get your policy transferred to a branch of your choice

    Nomination/ Assignment : Ensure that the nomination is effected in your policy. Please remember that an assignment cancels a nomination and fresh nomination is needed on reassignment.

    Lapsed policy revival : make sure to revive your lapsed policy. You can get your policy revived under one of the 4 schemes available provided the lapsed period is less than 5 years. In such a case all the previous previous benefits will be restored on the policy.

    Age Admission : Get your age admitted to avoid any inconvenience

    Change of Address : Intimate change of address to your servicing branch office.

    Ensure safety of you Policy document : Take proper care of your policy. Note down the policy number and keep your family informed about the same. In case of loss, contact your branch and obtain a duplicate policy.

    Adequate cover : Review your insurance needs from time to time. Be in touch with your agents and get adequate insurance cover.

    Claims Maturity/ SB claims : Forms are forwarded by LIC well in advance. Submit the form, duly completed along with the policy bond for payment before the due date. On death of a policy holder, immediate intimation will help us to process your claim promptly.

    For new lic plans, call us at 9480240513

    Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation